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Building & Landscape Solutions for
Urban Development

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What Is Modi Building Technology?

Modi Building Technology is the exclusive supplier of Modi
Building & Modi Landscape products in Australia and
New Zealand.

Modi Building Technology offers innovative solutions to
designers for urban development problems associated with:

  • New urban developments
  • Water sensitive urban design
  • Provision of greening infrastructure
  • Reduction of stormwater
  • Eco paver alternative

Modi Building Technology offers experienced and qualified
customer services for the selection of products which
offer innovation, functionality and facilitates engineering design
and creative architectural choices.

Feature products include:

  • Mould for Concrete & Grass
  • Garden Grids
  • Rooftop Garden Moulds
  • Crawl Spaces Moulds
  • Water Proofing of Ground Wall
  • Concrete Skates

Learn more about Mould for Concrete & Grass:

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